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8 Point Reform Plan discussion points for local MPs

8 Point Reform Plan discussion points for local MPs

In the lead up to the State Election, we encourage you to meet with your local MPs to discuss AAC’s 8 Point Plan to Reform the Building Industry in NSW.

To assist you in having these conversations, we have prepared suggested talking points.

Suggested talking points – meetings with local Members of Parliament

  • It is vitally important that we improve the accountability of all professionals in the construction industry.
  • This will restore confidence in the construction and housing industry and better protect owners, residents and other consumers.
  • To achieve we respectfully ask that you endorse the Association of Accredited Certifiers’ eight-point plan.
  • Central to this plan is that all professionals involved in the design, installation and approval of buildings must be accredited and insured.
  • Under current regulations there is no requirement for structural or services engineers to undertake inspections of structural or services elements in buildings.
  • Currently, the construction sector lacks accountability and fundamental checks and balances. This must change to restore owners’ and residents’ confidence.
  • The AAC’s eight-point plan includes:
    • All professionals involved in the design, installation and approvals process must be accredited and insured.
    • All key personnel in the process who are not accredited must be licensed and be required to prove their competency at regular intervals.
    • All documents related to the certification of a building should be in a standard form developed by industry and Government.
    • All persons involved in the certification of any engineering design or technical aspect of construction must issue a certificate on a standard form.
    • Comprehensive auditing of all accredited or licensed persons.
    • All parties involved in the building product supply chain need to be accountable for the products they prescribe, specify, purchase and use.
    • Amend the BASIX scheme to allow applicants to design buildings based on predetermined standards.
    • Strengthen the administration of building regulation in NSW by bringing building regulations and control functions into one portfolio, reporting to one Minister.
  • These reforms are long overdue and must be implemented as a matter of urgency to better protect consumers, restore confidence in the construction industry and improve accountability.
  • To find out more about the role of Accredited Certifiers and AAC, visit:


8 Point Reform Plan

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