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What Resources and experience does Urban City Group offer

What Resources and experience does Urban City Group offer

Urban City Group offers a comprehensive range of resources and extensive experience to support your development projects:

  • Decades of Expertise: With over 25 years of experience in Building Certification and Town Planning, Urban City Group brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in navigating regulatory frameworks and delivering successful outcomes.

  • Certification Services: We provide certification services for both commercial and residential buildings, ensuring compliance with all relevant building codes and regulations.

  • Development Applications: Our team specializes in the preparation and lodgement of Development Applications (DAs), guiding projects through the approval process efficiently and effectively.

  • Complying Development Certificates: We facilitate the issuance of Complying Development Certificates (CDCs), streamlining approvals for straightforward developments that meet specific criteria.

  • Construction Certificates: Urban City Group issues Construction Certificates (CCs) to verify that proposed building works comply with approved development consent and relevant standards.

  • Occupation Certificates: We issue Occupation Certificates upon completion of construction, confirming that a building is suitable for occupation in compliance with all necessary regulations.

  • Fire Safety Schedules: Our services include the preparation of Fire Safety Schedules, ensuring buildings meet fire safety requirements and regulations.

  • NSW Planning Portal Assistance: We assist with the preparation and submission of certificates on the NSW Planning Portal, facilitating compliance and documentation processes.

  • Consultant Coordination: Urban City Group liaises with various consultants on behalf of clients, including Heritage experts, Traffic consultants, Fire Engineers, Structural Engineers, and others, ensuring comprehensive project planning and compliance.

  • Building Codes Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments of building codes to ensure all construction projects adhere to safety and structural standards.

  • Environmental Impact Statements: Our team prepares Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) to assess and mitigate potential environmental impacts of development projects, aligning with regulatory requirements.

  • Biodiversity Values Map Review: We review Biodiversity Values Maps to understand and comply with biodiversity conservation measures in development planning.

Urban City Group combines robust technical expertise with a commitment to personalized service, ensuring each project benefits from tailored solutions and efficient approvals. Whether you are planning a new residential development, a commercial venture, or require ongoing certification support, Urban City Group is your trusted partner in achieving regulatory compliance and project success.

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