Accredited Certification


What does an accredited certifier do?

Accredited certifiers issue approvals to confirm they are satisfied the development meets legislative requirements. They inspect construction and subdivision work at critical stages, which differ according to the type of development.

Certifier’s obligations

Certifiers are regulated by the Building Professionals Board and are subject to strict accreditation criteria and legislative requirements.

A certifier’s work

Certifiers mainly determine applications for construction certificates and complying development certificates, and may be appointed as the principal certifying authority for the development. The principal certifying authority issues the occupation certificate at the completion of the development.

The principal certifying authority, or another accredited certifier, carries out critical stage inspections during construction to ensure the building work is in accordance with the development consent and legislative requirements.

At the end of construction, the property owner is responsible for applying to the principal certifying authority for an occupation certificate. The principal certifying authority will conduct a final inspection and issue this certificate if they are satisfied the building is suitable for occupation or use. A building must not be occupied or used without an occupation certificate.

When a Construction Certificate has been issued, inspections at critical stages of construction are required. These inspections known as critical stage inspections are now mandatory under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Examples of critical stage inspections are:

  1. Piers
  2. Slab Steel
  3. Stormwater Drainage
  4. Frame
  5. Water Proofing
  6. Swimming Pool Fencing
  7. Final Inspection

Prior to works commencing applicants must nominate a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

The PCA plays the same role as a Council’s Building Inspector.

By nominating UCC as the PCA you are assured prompt, efficient and consistent service.

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