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Urban City Consulting is a multi-disciplinary building and development consulting practice specializing in :

Since its’ inception in 2003 Urban City Consulting has focused our services on the delivery of various types of projects.  Our key project team members are constantly delivering construction industry projects on operational sites and have the capability to stage the delivery of projects to minimise disruption. 

About us

Urban City Consulting is a Planning, Building and Development Consultancy servicing NSW. It was established in 2003 to provide result driven service for people who expect project delivery on budget and on time.

Urban City Consulting have a strong vision to provide professional services, through integrity, knowledge and experience.  With our client base situated in NSW we have a long and reputable history of delivering fast and effective service for those who require building and development 

Urban City Consulting was established by its Director Troy Myers over 10 years ago.  The company consists of over 10 professional staff from a number of different disciplines within the construction industry.

Urban City Consulting has been expanding over the past 5 years.   With legislation changing in 2008 the business has continued to grow at a steady rate.

We continually address our mode of operation to understand where we can improve the service to our clients.  Our team strives to provide :

  • High level of experience and knowledge across all core services 
  • our clients a timely, reliable, service on time and budget

We have a young, motivated, driven team who provide strong attention to detail and are trained across a broad range of services. Each of our clients has direct access to the management team throughout their project.  Our core values are :

  • Quality, ensures UCC retain a positive reputation in the marketplace
  • Complete satisfaction, for our clients and our team
  • Accountability, to our clients, our team and ourselves
  • Collaboration, one team and work together through shared knowledge
  • Integrity, to be true to our word.
  • Innovation, be challenged and strive to find the best solution
  • Trust, be open and transparent

Project Management

Our Project Management team offers a full range of services that are customised to our Client’s needs.  Through these services we are able to control project risk and ensure the Client’s requirements are met.

Our Project Management services can include:

  • Contractor assessment and selection;
  • Conditions of contract advice;
  • Project planning and scheduling;
  • Contract administration;
  • Cost control;
  • Value management;
  • Progress inspections during construction;
  • Document control;
  • Reporting;
  • Accounting and administration;
  • Change management.

Urban City Consulting works alongside its Clients to clarify, define and communicate the business and project objectives, using a value-driven approach that results in an accurate understanding of project needs.  We provide a full spectrum of project delivery services, ranging from business case preparation and the development of organisational frameworks and structures, to straightforward project delivery.

Urban City Consulting works with a broad range of Clients, providing high-quality, adaptable project delivery to ensure that our Clients' operational needs are met.  We bring an innovative, challenging approach and are skilled in the management and coordination of the most complex, multi-faceted, projects using proven techniques and processes

Design Management

Design Management is the ‘front end’ management of a project, to ensure it has the proper foundation. Urban City Consulting is able to tailor its design management service to suit any Client’s needs and to compliment any client’s resources.  We provide effective design management that ensures:

  • the Client’s expectations are accurately reflected in the design brief, functional requirements and scope of works;
  • the project budget is regularly verified during the design process;
  • the project design is developed in a timeframe compatible with the Client’s needs; and
  • constructability is properly considered throughout the design and documentation stages.

Design Management can involve:

  • preparing a Client brief to accurately convey  the Client’s requirements;
  • confirming the project’s functional requirements;
  • preparing a detailed scope of works using performance based and/or prescriptive design criteria;
  • procurement of project consultant teams;
  • developing and evaluating design options;
  • facilitating design workshops;
  • managing stakeholder communication and consensus;
  • obtaining planning & statutory approvals, including Development Approval;
  • cost planning and management;
  • advice on construction procurement strategies;
  • reviewing detailed designs for compliance with the Client’s brief; and
  • managing variations to the design brief


With over 60 years combined experience Urban City Consulting offers a wide range of Town Planning services to the public and private sectors. We understand the intricacies of Council processes, and our service is reinforced by our integrity when dealing with complex Town Planning issues.

Our services include;

  • Rezoning applications
  • Planning proposals for the gateway process.
  • Land and Environment Court matters.
  • Part 5 assessments for the public and private sectors.
  • Development feasibility reports.
  • Development Applications
  • Complying Development applications.
  • Residential, rural, commercial and industrial matters.

Building Compliance and Building Certification Consultancy

Urban City Consulting certification team offers great service underpinned by years of experience.  We can add value to projects for our clients and are conscious of the demanding pressures of the construction industry.

Our services include;

  • Construction certificates.
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates.
  • Principal certifying Authority.
  • Exempt Development Advice.
  • Building Code Assessment Reports.
  • Compliance Certificates
  •  Mandatory Inspections